Caveman Tests

The second section of each chapter of Caveman Chemistry describes the chemical principles involved in a project. Your mastery of these principles will be assessed with a one-page test worth 1 point. To get credit for the test, you must get every problem correct and tape your successful test into your notebook. You may take each test as many times as you like until you pass it, but the questions will vary from one test to another. You may practice taking tests online, but only the official hard-copy test counts toward your grade.

  • Project tests may be taken during office hours. No tests are given on weekends, even if I am in my office.

  • I will grade no more than three tests per person, per day. If you procrastinate, you will find yourself in a bind at the end of the semester.

Below is a list of the tests available this semester. The practice tests will help you to prepare for for the project tests.