Caveman Projects

Each chapter of Caveman Chemistry describes a project, usually something material or object to be made from scratch. For each such project you complete you will be awarded 1 point. All projects must be documented in your notebook. Many project can be done in your own time and space using readily-available materials. Others require the use of laboratory space and specific chemicals. You may use the laboratories during any of my office hours. You may not use the laboratory for project work at any other times. A project is not passed until you have written it up in your notebook, turned your notebook in to me, and received my initials on the inside front cover of your notebook. The word “notebook” appears three times in the last sentence; that means that your notebook is all-important in this course.

When you pay your lab deposit, you will be issued a notebook, a lock and a lab drawer. You will not be allowed to use the laboratory until you have paid your deposit. The deposit will be returned to you at the end of the semester, minus charges for your textbook and anything you have broken.

  • You may use laboratory facilities for projects only during my office hours.

  • I will grade only one project per person per day. If you put off your work to the end of the semester, you are going to run out of time.

Below is a list of the projects available this semester.