Chemistry 104 Lecture Schedule

Jan17WCharcoalLecture Slides
Jan19F SilicatesLecture Slides
Jan22MUnit Factor AnalysisLecture Slides
Jan24W FermentationLecture Slides
Jan26FCeramicsLecture Slides
Jan29MTextilesLecture Slides
Jan31WProject Day Ch 1-6
Feb 2FMetathesis ReactionsLecture Slides
Feb 5MAlkaliLecture Slides
Feb 7WMetalsLecture Slides
Feb 9FLime and PlasterLecture Slides
Feb12MRedox ReactionsLecture Slides
Feb14WProject Day Ch 1-11
Feb16FDyesLecture Slides
Feb19MGlass and GlazesLecture Slides
Feb21WProject Day Ch 8-13
Feb23FPaperLecture Slides
Feb26M StoichiometryLecture Slides
Feb28WProject Day Ch 10-15
Mar 2FAlcoholLecture Slides
Mar12MGunpowderLecture Slides
Mar14WProject Day Ch 12-17
Mar16FSulfuric AcidLecture Slides
Mar19MSoapLecture Slides
Mar21WProject Day Ch 14-19
Mar23FSodaLecture Slides
Mar26MBatteriesLecture Slides
Mar28WProject Day Ch 16-21
Mar30FCoal TarLecture Slides
Apr 2MPhotographyLecture Slides
Apr 4WProject Day Ch 18-23
Apr 6FAmmoniaLecture Slides
Apr 9MElectrochemicalsLecture Slides
Apr11WProject Day Ch 20-25
Apr13F PharmaceuticalsLecture Slides
Apr16MFertilizerLecture Slides
Apr18WProject Day Ch 22-27
Apr20FPlasticLecture Slides
Apr25WProject Day Ch 22-28
Apr27FProject Day Ch 22-28