Chemistry 221 Lecture Schedule

PMC stands for Principles of Modern Chemistry

CC stands for Caveman Chemistry

Jan13WCourse OverviewReview
Jan15FPrologueCC P.1, P.2, P.3Lecture Slides
Jan18MFire, SilicatesCC 1.1, 2.1Lecture Slides, Lecture Slides
Jan20W Unit Factor Analysis, FermentationCC 3.1, 4.1Lecture Slides, Lecture Slides
Jan22F Project Day
Jan25MAtomic StructurePMC 15.1, 15.2
Jan27WAtomic StructurePMC 15.3, 15.4
Jan29FAtomic StructurePMC 15.5, 15.6
Feb 1MAtomic StructurePMC 15.7
Feb 3WAtomic StructurePMC 15.8
Feb 5FAtomic StructurePMC 15.9
Feb 8MCeramics, TextilesCC 5.1, 6.1Lecture Slides, Lecture Slides
Feb10WMetathesis, AlkaliCC 7.1, CC 8.1Lecture Slides, Lecture Slides
Feb12FProject Day
Feb15MMetals, Lime and PlasterCC 9.1, 10.1Lecture Slides, Lecture Slides
Feb17WRedox, DyesCC 11.1, 12.1Lecture Slides, Lecture Slides
Feb19FProject Day
Feb22MGlass and Glazes, PaperCC 13.1, 14.1Lecture Slides, Lecture Slides
Feb24WStoichiometry, AlcoholCC 15.1, 16.1Lecture Slides, Lecture Slides
Feb26FProject Day
Mar 1MKineticsPMC 13.1
Mar 3WKineticsPMC 13.2
Mar 5FKineticsPMC 13.3
Mar15MKineticsPMC 13.4
Mar17WKineticsPMC 13.5
Mar19FKineticsPMC 13.7
Mar22MGunpowder, Sulfuric AcidCC 17.1, 18.1Lecture Slides, Lecture Slides
Mar24WSoap, SodaCC 19.1, 20.1Lecture Slides, Lecture Slides
Mar26FProject Day
Mar29MBatteries, Coal Tar, CC 21.1, 22.1Lecture Slides, Lecture Slides
Mar31WPhotography, AmmoniaCC 23.1, 24.1Lecture Slides, Lecture Slides
Apr 2FProject Day
Apr 5MElectrochemicals, PharmaceuticalsCC 25.1, 26.1Lecture Slides, Lecture Slides
Apr 7WFertilizer, PlasticCC 27.1, 28.1Lecture Slides, Lecture Slides
Apr 9FProject Day
Apr12MElectrochemistryPMC 12.1, 12.2
Apr14WElectrochemistryPMC 12.3, 12.4
Apr16FElectrochemistryPMC 12.5 12.6
Apr19MInorganic ProcessesPMC 19.1, 19.2
Apr21WInorganic ProcessesPMC 19.3, 19.4
Apr23FInorganic ProcessesPMC 19.5, 19.6
Apr26MEpilogueCC E.1, E.2, E.3Lecture Slides