From Caveman to Chemist


Aug31Th From Caveman to Chemist
Sep 5T Fire
Sep 7Th Stone Tools
Sep12T Pottery and Ceramics
Sep14Th Twine and Textiles
Sep19T Unit Factor Analysis
Sep21Th Fermentation
Sep26T Metathesis Reactions
Sep28Th Potash, Lime, and Lye
Oct 3T Soap
Oct 5Th Dye
Oct10T Glass
Oct12Th Redox Reactions
Oct19Th Metal Smelting
Oct24T Paper
Oct26Th Gunpowder and Explosives
Oct31T Acids
Nov 2Th Alcohol and Distillation
Nov 7T Voltaic Cells
Nov 9Th Electromagnetism
Nov14T Chloralkali and Aluminum
Nov16Th Photography
Nov21T Semiconductors
Nov28T Petroleum and Plastics
Nov30Th Chemicals from Thin Air
Dec 5T Fertilizers, Pharmaceuticals, and Detergents
Dec 7Th Nuclear Chemistry
Dec12T Iron John