Chemistry 104 Bonus

Congratulations! If you found this page, you have the opportunity to earn a reading-quiz wildcard. Just print out this page, sign it, and turn it in at the beginning of class on the first Tuesday of the semester. Print it now and put it in your wallet. You will be mad at yourself if you forget, and it must be in at the beginning of class. When it is returned with my signature, tape it into your notebook. When you miss a reading quiz, you may simply enter the page number of this bonus as if it were the missed quiz.

Name (print) ____________________

Counts for Reading Quiz: (print) ____________________

I understand that my instructor only cares that I was absent. He has no interest whatsoever in why I was absent. I understand that I am allowed three absences for any reason without penalty. A fourth absence will result in a WF warning letter from the Dean of Students and a fifth will result in my withdrawal from the course (WF).

I understand that a reading quiz on each day's assignment will be given at the beginning of each class period.

I understand that an oral reading quiz may be requested only in advance of an anticipated absence. Such a quiz does not excuse an absence, but it counts the same as a reading quiz. Reading quizzes may not be made up after the fact.

I understand that I may use the laboratory facilities only during scheduled Project Day periods.

I understand that there is a $30 deposit for the use of laboratory equipment, due by the end of the first week of class. At the end of the semester the remainder of the deposit will be returned to me, minus the cost of any items I have lost or broken.

I understand that project tests are more involved than reading quizzes. Unlike reading quizzes, project tests may be re-taken until passed.

I understand that I may take only three project tests per class day.

I understand that only four points will be recorded per class day. The last day to have points recorded is the last day of class. I will not whine during the last week of class when I realize that there are not enough days left for me to get the grade I want.

Signed ____________________(Student)

Signed ____________________(Professor)