December 6,07:2535000BCNeanderthals becomes extinct.
December 9,18:4530000BCHumans migrate from Asia to America.
December 13,06:0525000BCBaked clay figurines, mineral pigments, sewing, boomerang in use.
December 20,21:2514000BCEnd of last Ice Age
December 21,14:0513000BCSpear thrower, harpoon, cave painting, rope are in use.
December 23,16:0510000BCSun-dried bricks are produced in Palestine.
December 25,01:258000BCGrains and herd animals are domesticated.
December 26,02:256500BCPottery, woven cloth are in use.
December 26,10:456000BCWalled towns are built.
December 27,03:255000BCCopper is first smelted in Egypt.
December 27,05:054900BCSailing ships are known in Mesopotamia.
December 27,20:054000BCThe Ice Man dies, with copper axe, bow and arrow, and skin clothing.
December 27,21:453900BCLime is produced from limestone.
December 28,04:253500BCThe plow is used in china, papyrus and mirrors in Egypt.
December 28,12:453000BCTin, bronze, soap, and beer are all known.
December 28,21:052500BCChariot wheels are used in Sumeria.
December 29,08:451800BCBablyonians set standards for beer.
December 29,10:251700BCPhoenecians invent alphabet.
December 29,12:051600BCBellows are used in furnace technology.
December 29,13:451500BCIron produced in Palestine, liquor is distilled in Asia.
December 29,14:351450BCWater clock and balance are used in Egypt.
December 29,15:251400BCGlass is produced in Egypt.
December 29,18:451200BCBronze bells are cast in China.
December 29,22:051000BCBeer sales regulated in Egypt.
December 29,22:30975BCAlum used as a mordant.
December 29,22:55950BCMurex dye is produced in Phoenecia.
December 30,01:25800BCIron is in common use.
December 30,04:45600BCBeginnings of alchemy.
December 30,05:02583BCSolar Eclipse predicted by Thales.
December 30,05:55530BCAtomic theory proposed.
December 30,06:25500BCFour Elements theory proposed.
December 30,07:15450BCSteel is produced in India.
December 30,09:23322BCAristotle dies
December 30,09:45300BCPoison gas is used in Chinese warfare.
December 30,10:35250BCArchimedes invents the lever.
December 30,11:25200BCConcrete is used in Italy.
December 30,12:25140BCPaper is invented in China.
December 30,12:40125BCHermes Trismegistos flourishes.
December 30,13:5550BCGlass blowing is introduced in Syria.
December 30,19:45300ADCoal is used in metallurgy by the Chinese.
December 31,00:00From Toilet Paper to Compact Disks.