Cavemen of 1999

It can be difficult for a caveman to gauge his progress in the course, given that many will put off passing projects until after Thanksgiving. This pattern is partly due to the time required to complete some projects. But most people who get poor grades in Caveman Chemistry do so because they waited too long to get started. To help you pace yourself, here is the grade history for Caveman 1999:

Final GradeFDD+C-CC+B-BB+A-A
Number of Students-3235-321310
Avg # Projects Passed
by Sept 30-1100-12222
by Oct 31-1111-36268
by Nov 30-3344-6971012
by Dec 7-6789-1112131415

Notice that students who earned an A had completed most of their projects by Nov 30. On average, students were able to pass six or fewer projects in December, so the number passed by Nov 30 was crucial to their final grades. The GPA for this class was 2.78 with a standard deviation of 1.11.