HOVAR was founded in 2008 by Kevin Dunn and Marc Hight and flies out of Boswell Field in Burkeville, VA. We have a 3-rod launch pad with 1/8, 3/16, and 1/4 inch rods. We also have an 8-foot 1010 rail for large rockets. We can launch up to four rockets simultaneously.

HOVAR follows two codes established by the NAR: the Model Rocket Safety Code for small rockets, and the High Power Rocket Safety Code for big ones. A rocket exceeds the definition of a model rocket under NFPA 1122 and becomes a High Power rocket under NFPA 1127 if it:

  • Uses a motor with more than 160 Newton-seconds of total impulse (an”H” motor or larger) or multiple motors that all together exceed 320 Newton-seconds;
  • Uses a motor with more than 80 Newtons average thrust (e.g., G126);
  • Exceeds 62.5 grams of propellant;
  • Weighs more than 1,500 grams including motor(s); or
  • Includes any airframe parts of ductile metal.

In addition, rockets weighing more than 1500 grams or containing more than 125 grams of propellant (Class 2 rockets) require an FAA waiver. Starting in April 2011, HOVAR has a waiver to launch Class 2 rockets on Saturdays and Sundays (details).

While the waiver allows us to launch high-power rockets, there is only one location at the western end of the field that meets the necessary setbacks from the nearest highway and house. Consequently, we will launch high-power rockets under the HPRSC only when the wind is westerly (NW, W, or SW) or calm enough to ensure the safe recovery of the rockets. Otherwise, we will be governed by the MRSC.

  • Kevin Dunn, President, 434-392-8240, kdunn@hsc.edu (include HOVAR in subject line)
  • Marc Hight, Advisor
  • Tim Raney

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