May 2012

!DCA 05/377 W81 AIRSPACE UNMANNED ROCKET 1 NMR LVL323027 8 W W81 6000/BLW WEF 1205261500-1205262100

The weather was hot, but the winds were mostly calm. Randy Regan and Jim Scarpine came out to fly with us. Tim Raney and myself represented the usual HOVAR suspects.


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MonthName of FlyerName of RocketMotors(s)Success/ CommentsMonth
DecemberBill SpencerRed TomahawkE9-4Y12
DecemberBill SpencerRed TomahawkE12-4Y12
DecemberBill SpencerExecutE12-4Y12
DecemberBill SpencerTriwarp CruiserF20-4Y12
DecemberMarc HightRakvere LossG88Y12
DecemberFloyd PenceStrikerG77-7Y12
DecemberFloyd PenceWildmanJrH125-7Y: L1 Cert12
DecemberFloyd PenceBig DaddyE9-8Y12
DecemberKevin DunnJart "Needs Nose Weight"G126-8Y12
DecemberKevin DunnJart "Needs Nose Weight"G83Y: SEVRA Dec 1512
DecemberKevin DunnJart "Needs Nose Weight"F36Y: Underpowered, Battle Park Dec 912
DecemberKevin DunnJart "Needs Nose Weight"F120N: Ejection charge did not fire, Battle Park Dec 912
DecemberKevin DunnTalondromeH255Y: Battle Park, Dec 812
NovemberCharlie MossSuper MonarchC11-3Y11
NovemberCharlie MossProspectorC6-3Y11
NovemberCharlie MossBig OrangeB6-4Y11
NovemberCharlie MossProspectorB6-4Y11
NovemberCarrington DetrickBanditoA3-4Y11
NovemberAdam Shelton6 FterD12-5Y11
NovemberAdam Shelton6 FterD12-5Y11
NovemberAdam SheltonCosmic CobraC6-7Y11
NovemberAdam SheltonV2C11-3Y11
NovemberBill SpencerTriwarp CruiserE20-4Y11
NovemberBill SpencerTriwarp CruiserG80-7Y11
NovemberBill SpencerExecutF20-4Y11
NovemberBill SpencerRed tomahawkF32-8Y11
NovemberBenedict EdwardsThe Green QueenC6-5Y11
NovemberBenedict EdwardsFlashC6-5Y11
NovemberSam DetrickOutlaw GunfireC6-5Y11
NovemberFloyd PenceQuest HighQ2D12-3Y11
NovemberFloyd PenceMadcow StrikerF50-4Y11
NovemberKevin DunnTalondromeG118-8Y11
NovemberKevin DunnDarkstar "Talby"H399 DDY: 2052 ft11
NovemberKevin DunnDrago the RedH163N: Cable Cutter, chute did not open (Battle Park, Nov 10)11
NovemberKevin DunnDrago the RedH90N: Cable Cutter, nose cone failed to separate (Battle Park, Nov 10)11
NovemberKevin DunnDarkstar "Talby"H159 DDY: (Battle Park, Nov 11)11
NovemberKevin DunnJart "Needs Nose Weight"H87-12Y: (Red Glare, Nov 17)11
NovemberKevin DunnJart "Needs Nose Weight"H54-10N: Unstable (Red Glare, Nov 17)11
NovemberKevin DunnAll Screwed UpJ381 Skidmark DDN: shock cord failure (Red Glare, Nov 18)11
OctoberJohn DekarskeSpudnickA8-3Y10
OctoberJohn DekarskeSpudnickB6-4Y10
OctoberJohn DekarskeSpudnickC6-5Y: found after much searching10
OctoberKris MillerSpudnick 2A8-3Y10
OctoberKris MillerSpudnick 2B6-4Y10
OctoberKris MillerSpudnick 2C6-5Y10
OctoberTim RaneyBarracudaG79-7WY: lost in far western field10
OctoberFloyd PenceBig DogC11-3Y10
OctoberFloyd PenceDX3G79-7WY: lost in far western field10
OctoberFloyd PenceBig DogE9-8Y10
OctoberKevin DunnTalondromeG54-7Y: found after much searching10
OctoberOwen KjornessSpudnick 2A8-3Y10
OctoberMile KjornessSpudnick 2B6-4Y10
OctoberKevin DunnDarkstar "Talby"H399Y: 1857 ft at Kentalnd Farm Oct 610
SeptemberBill SpencerTriWarp CruiserG40-7Y:9
SeptemberBill SpencerHV ArcasF50Y: Tree near house9
SeptemberBill SpencerTriWarp CruiserF30N: Premature Ejection9
SeptemberBill SpencerExecutD9Y:9
SeptemberRay DossatStormcasterC11-5Y:9
SeptemberRay DossatMaleficentE15-8N: CATO (old motor)9
SeptemberRay DossatTy's Rockin' RocketB6-4Y:9
SeptemberRay DossatFinn McMissileF20-7Y: Power line9
SeptemberRay DossatMetalizerC6-5Y:9
SeptemberRay DossatBlack PearlB6-4Y:9
SeptemberRay DossatTy's Rockin' RocketC6-5Y:9
SeptemberAdam SheltonBlue BoyC11-3Y:9
SeptemberAdam SheltonBaby BerthaC6-3N:9
SeptemberKevin DunnDrago the RedG106-9Y: 1241 ft; Cable Cutter deployment at 600 ft9
SeptemberDavid BraatzBig DaddyE18-7Y:9
SeptemberAdam SheltonBlue BoyC11-3Y:9
SeptemberDavid BraatzWild ChildF29-9Y:9
SeptemberDavid BraatzLi'l NukeF35-8Y: Early ejection9
SeptemberJason GrandeSR71 BlackbirdC6-5Y:9
SeptemberJason GrandeiRocketE9-4Y:9
SeptemberJason GrandeHolland RocketD12-3Y:9
AugustChris HasenfusSilver BulletB4-4Y:8
AugustTommy CookBig BettyB6-2Y:8
AugustAdam BakerSky TwisterB6-2Y:8
AugustAaron & Dallas EdwardsThe HawkC6-7Y:8
AugustAdam BakerSky TwisterB6-2Y:8
AugustKevin DunnTalondromeG131-9Y:8
AugustChris HasenfusSilver BulletB4-4Y:8
AugustIsaias AilesMini1/4A3-3TY:8
AugustChris HasenfusSilver BulletB4-4Y:8
AugustIsaias AilesTaserC6-5Y:8
AugustFloyd PenceMean MachineE9-8Y:8
AugustFloyd PenceMean MachineE9-8Y:8
AugustFloyd PenceLi'l YellerF50-6Y:8
AugustTim RaneyBarracudaG79-7Y: 2236 ft8
AugustBill SpencerTriWarp CruiserE20-4Y:8
AugustBill SpencerTriWarp CruiserF50-6N: CATO8
AugustBill SpencerD-Region TomahawkE9-4Y:8
AugustAaron & Dallas EdwardsThe hawkB6-4Y:8
AugustJim GarzaSky HawkerB6Y:8
AugustAaron & Dallas EdwardsSatellite InterceptorB6-4Y:8
AugustAaron & Dallas EdwardsSizzlerA8-3Y:8
AugustBill SpencerD-Region TomahawkE9-4Y:8
AugustTim RaneyBarracudaG79-7Y: 2398 ft8
AugustJim GarzaBlue NinjaD12Y:8
AugustJim GarzaSky HawkerB6Y:8
AugustJim GarzaSky HawkerB6Y:8
AugustJim GarzaLoadstarB6N: Broken shock cord8
AugustJim GarzaLoadstarB4Y:8
AugustJim GarzaBlue NinjaC11Y:8
JulyKevin DunnDarkstar "Talby"H180 SkidmarkY: 1712 ft at LDRS31. AIM USB altimeter.7
JulyKevin DunnDrago the redG125-9Y: 1597 ft at LDRS31. Adept22 and Cable Cutter test.+7
JulyKevin DunnDarkstar "Doolittle"K740 C-StarY: 5572 ft at LDRS31. Adept22 and Aim USB altimeters.7
JulyKevin DunnDrago the RedG118-10Y: 1486 ft. Dual deploy with Adept22 and Cable Cutter. Main at 600 ft7
JulyKevin DunnAbby NormalG79-4Y: Dave's Dumpster Dive at LDRS317
JulyKevin DunnDrago the RedG118-10Y: 1488 ft at LDRS31. Aim USB altimeter and Cable Cutter test7
JuneMarc HightRakvere LossF36-6 SSY:6
JuneKevin DunnDrago The RedG57-7Y: 1186 ft.6
JuneKevin DunnTalondromeG125-7Y:6
JuneTim RaneyBarracudaF32-6TY: 1158 ft6
JuneTim RaneyBarracudaF32-6TY: 1129 ft6
JuneDoug LucyCherokee FleetG54Y: 1641 ft6
JuneTim RaneyBarracudaF32-6TY: 1122 ft6
JuneDoug LucyCherokee FleetG80Y: 541 ft6
JuneEhsan SheybaniWildmanJrH123-7Y: L1 Cert, 1386 ft6
JuneDoug LucyThunder Child F59N: lost nose cone6
JuneMarc HightTotally TubularC6-5Y:6
JuneEhsan SheybaniWildmanJrG115-6Y:6
MayKevin DunnTalondromeG131-7Y:5
MayTim RaneyBarracudaF50-6TY: 1420 ft5
MayRandy ReganSpaceXC6-5Y: 2 chutes5
MayRandy ReganTomahawkG64-4Y:5
MayTim RaneyBarracudaF32-6TY: 1196 ft5
MayRandy ReganBull PupC6-5Y:5
MayKevin DunnDrago The RedG80-7Y:5
MayRandy ReganSpaceXC6-5Y: Camera5
MayJim ScarpineIrisH165RY:5
MayJim ScarpineIrisH220T:5

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