December 2011

We had our launch Saturday, December 17, from noon till 4 PM at Boswell field.

The field was wet and the skies gray, but the wind was light. Marc Hight and I were joined by Jason Bloom, visiting from southern Florida.

Marc had his second flight of Rakvere Loss, which, as in its first flight, had a very long delay. This time it resulted in a lawn dart. The fiberglass nose cone lost its tip, but other than that, the rocket was undamaged. Tim has had good flights with his clone of the Aerotech delay tool, but Marc has not fared so well.

Jason flew his Estes Magnum on a B6-4, then a C6-5, and finally as a 2-stage C11-0/B6-4, all good flights.

I gave my new Darkstar “Talby” several flights at Battle Park last week (G106-7, H163-9, H410-9). Today I sent it skyward on a G54-7. I also flew Drago The Red on a G57-7.

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