November 2011

We had our launch Saturday, November 26, from noon till 4 PM at Boswell field. Cell phone: 434-603-1586

Waiver was active for high power launches:

!DCA 11/299 LVL AIRSPACE UNMANNE ROCKET 3 NMR LVL323027.2/8 W W81 6600/BLW WEF 1111261600-1111262200

The wind was stronger than last month, but the direction was favorable–westerly down the long axis of the range. Tim Raney had a particularly good day with 3 launches of his new Aerotech Barracuda, none of which landed in a tree. Marc Hight premiered his Wild Child, narrowly averting a lawn dart due to an overly long ejection delay.

In other November news, Marc and I went to Red Glare in eastern MD, where I consulted with Tim Lehr on the the rocketry business. I also launched Talondrome on an H133 and Drago the Red on a G250. Marc and I finished up by unleashing a bagpipe serenade on the unsuspecting crowd.



Video excerpts from this launch (best viewed with Firefox):

  • Kevin Dunn and Marc Hight’s “Ilus Koer” on an H118-7 Download Video

  • Still photos of both launches. Shutter speed 1/6400 sec at 10 fps continuous shutter on my FH-100.

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