September 2011

Saturday, September 24, from noon till 4 PM at Boswell Field.

NOTAM: !DCA 09/344 LVL AIRSPACE UNMANNED ROCKET 3NMR LVL323027.2/8 W W81 6600/BLW WEF 1109241500-1109242100

At the end of a rainy week, the field was thoroughly wet, but not muddy. We set up in the western field, and waited for some light rain to pass. Regulars Kevin Dunn, Tim Raney, and Wesley Allen welcomed Tim and Terry Sheppard.

Easterly winds drove many flights to the western treeline. Tim Raney’s “Suicide Jack II” had an excellent ride up, but landed in a tree at the NW corner of the field. Welsey Allen’s “Aspire I” also had a nice boost, but went out of sight and was never seen again. Kevin Dunn risked “Drago the Red” for only one flight–on a G80 Skidmark that roared off the pad in a shower of smoke, sparks, and flame. Tim Sheppard had the the most launches for the day, all happily recovered.

We were fortunate to have landowner Jack Boswell recover two rockets previously lost to trees and power lines. After the launch, he looked at Suicide Jack II’s resting place. While he was not confident of an easy recover, he said he would think on the matter. We also found a piece of a Hyundai on the field. If you lost a 5-inch plastic disk, let me know.

We are moving towards a regular “fourth Saturday of the month” schedule, with the fifth Saturday (when there is one) as a rain date. October’s launch will be Saturday, October 22.

As WildmanVA, I will be attending Sevra (1st or 3rd Saturday) and Battle Park (2nd Saturday) launches. Please put October 29 and 30 on your calendars–the opening days of the Battle Park season in Culpeper. If you want to see big rockets on big motors going to high altitude, Battle Park is the place to be.



Video excerpts from this launch (best viewed with Firefox):

  • Kevin Dunn’s “Drago the Red” on a G80-7
  • Tim Raney’s “Suicide Jack II” on an F32-6T
  • Wesley Allen’s “Aspire I” on an E30-7
  • Tim Sheppard’s “Goldenrod” on an F42-4

Only one still shot this month. Shutter speed 1/12000 sec at 10 fps continuous shutter on my FH-100.

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