August 2011

Sunday, August 28, from noon till 4 PM at Boswell Field.

Hurricane Irene came through yesterday, and I nearly cancelled the launch, but it turned out to be the calm after the storm. The weather was very nearly perfect for our field–sunny, warm but not hot, wet but not soggy ankle-high grass. Winds were calm to about 12 mph, mostly from the WNW, which gave us maximum recovery area on the field. Only Marc and I showed up, however. We launched two rockets (one of them my first skidmark) and called it a very good day.



Video excerpts from this launch (best viewed with Firefox):

  • Kevin Dunn’s “Drago the Red” on a G250-9
  • Kevin Dunn’s “Talondrome” on a G106-9

I’ve been experimenting with settings on my Casio FH-100 camera. These shots were taken at 1/4000 sec in 10 fps continuous shutter mode.

August 28, 2011

Comments: (A deployment at apogee), (P deployment 1-2 sec past apogee), (B deployment 1-2 sec before apogee), (L late deployment), (E early deployment), (F failure--describe)
Name of FlyerName of RocketMotors(s)Comment
Kevin DunnDrago The RedG250-9 VmaxP: 1360 ft.
TalondromeG106-9 SkidmarkL:

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