July 2011

Sunday, July 10, from noon till 4 PM at Boswell Field.

There can’t be very many launches where the landowner shows up handing out fresh peaches right off the tree. Today, that’s exactly what happened. We were also joined today by clouds of iridescent beetles. Winds were light, and generally from the south, which precluded a high-power launch.



Video excerpts from this launch (best viewed with Firefox):

  • Tim Raney’s “Suicide Jack II” on an E15-7T
  • Kevin Dunn’s “Talondrome” on a G54-9

I’ve been experimenting with settings on my Casio FH-100 camera. These shots were taken at 1/5000 sec in 10 fps continuous shutter mode.

July 10, 2011

Comments: (A deployment at apogee), (P deployment 1-2 sec past apogee), (B deployment 1-2 sec before apogee), (L late deployment), (E early deployment), (F failure--describe)
Name of FlyerName of RocketMotors(s)Comment
Brian KorsunApplewhite SaucerB6-0Good flight
Quest SaucerB6-0Good flight
Tim RaneySuicide Jack II (LOC Weasel)E15-7665 ft
Suicide Jack II (LOC Weasel)F32-6T1335 ft
Suicide Jack II (LOC Weasel)F32-6T1376 ft
Kevin DunnDrago The RedG57-91227 ft.
TalondromeG126-9P: flown at NOVAAR July 16
Wesley AllenAspire ID12-3Good flight
Aspire IIC11-3515 ft
Aspire IE30-7TF: Shock cord failure, lost motor mount
PatriotC6-5Good flight
Aiden JimenezLightningB6-4Good flight
Don BaumgardnerBig DaddyD12-5Good flight
Estes EagleB4-2Good glider flight, booster lost
Tim SheppardBlackyD12-5Good flight
Ready2xC6Good flight
HomeD12-5Good flight
WhiteyC6-5Good flight

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  1. Wesley says:

    I know yesterday I said that I was available Aug 7th and 14th, but that is when I will be out of town. I will be around Aug 21st and 28th. If the 7th or 14th works better for everyone else then that is fine.

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