December 2010

It was a gray and chilly Saturday, but calm for most of the launch period.


Video excerpts from this launch:

  • Tim Raney’s “Experimental Rocket 6” on a D12-5
  • Kevin Dunn’s “Screamin Green Meanie” on a E9-6
  • Kevin Dunn’s “Maprismo” with keychain camera on a D12-5
  • Kevin Dunn’s “Batray” core sample on a E16-7

December 11, 2010

Comments: (A deployment at apogee), (P deployment 1-2 sec past apogee), (B deployment 1-2 sec before apogee), (L late deployment), (E early deployment), (F failure--describe)
Name of FlyerName of RocketMotors(s)Comment
Don BaumgardnerScratch 1B6-4
Quest EZgliderB6-2glider recovery
Estes EagleB6-2glider recovery
Scratch 2B6-4
Tim RaneyRocket 6D12-5A: 683 ft
Rocket 6D12-5A: 744 ft
Rocket 6D12-5A: 725 ft
Kevin DunnBatrayE16-7F: Delay much longer than 7 sec. Core sample. You can hear the ejection charge go off after impact.
Screamin Green MeanieE9-6B:
MaprismoD12-5B: Try D12-7 next time. Keychain camera worked well.

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