Nov 26, 2017

!DCA 11/323 ZDC AIRSPACE UNMANNED ROCKET WI AN AREA DEFINED AS 3NM RADIUS OF LVL331027.4 (10.1NM WSW W81) SFC-6600FT 1711261500-1711262200

Bill Spencer and his friend, Jerry, joined Kevin Dunn for a day of spectacular weather. Bill flew four rockets on F15, G76, G64, and H163 motors. The F15 ejection charge failed to go off, causing his Panavia to nosedive into the ground, inches from his car. Doomsday met its doom with a late ejection, which caused failure of the shock cord. Purple Arc Star and Peppermint Device had successful flights.

Kevin Dunn flew his Darkstar Talby twice, once on an H140 and then on an H229. We lost sight of it twice against the clear, blue sky, but it was recovered without damage after both flights.

It was a thin turnout, but great weather for this holiday weekend.

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