Absorber, Spot and Roebuck (Acid), Solvay (Ammonia), Badische (Fertilizers)
Acid, Adelard (Alcohol), Spot and Roebuck (Acid), Glossary
acetic, Samson (Mead), Adelard (Alcohol), Spot and Roebuck (Acid), Bath (Soap)
fatty, Bath (Soap)
saturated, Bath (Soap)
unsaturated, Bath (Soap)
nitric, Badische (Fertilizers), Badische (Fertilizers)
oleic, Bath (Soap)
organic, Bayer (Pharmaceuticals)
palmitic, Bath (Soap)
phthalic, DuPont (Plastics)
stearic, Bath (Soap)
sulfuric, Spot and Roebuck (Acid), Spot and Roebuck (Acid), Leblanc (Soda)
contact process, Badische (Fertilizers)
sulfurous, Spot and Roebuck (Acid)
terephthalic, DuPont (Plastics)
Acid anhydride, Bayer (Pharmaceuticals)
Aerobic process, Glossary
Air, Lucifer (Charcoal)
alchemical, Glossary
Albumin, Eastman (Photography)
Alcohol, Adelard (Alcohol), Bayer (Pharmaceuticals)
ethyl, Samson (Mead)
Alkali, Job (Alkali), Job (Alkali), Ts'ai Lun (Paper), Spot and Roebuck (Acid), Leblanc (Soda), Glossary
Alloy, Vulcan (Metals)
Alumina, Athanor (Ceramics)
Aluminum, Dow (Electrochemicals)
Amalgam, Vulcan (Metals)
American Cyanamid, Badische (Fertilizers)
Amide, Bayer (Pharmaceuticals)
Amine, Perkin (Aniline Dyes), Bayer (Pharmaceuticals)
Ammonia, Marie (Dyes), Ts'ai Lun (Paper), Spot and Roebuck (Acid), Bath (Soap), Eastman (Photography), Solvay (Ammonia), Badische (Fertilizers), Badische (Fertilizers)
Ammonium bicarbonate, Solvay (Ammonia)
Ammonium chloride, Solvay (Ammonia)
Ammonium nitrate, Badische (Fertilizers)
Ampere, Volta (Batteries)
Ampère, André, Volta (Batteries)
Anaerobic process, Glossary
Analogy, tail-sniffing, Adelard (Alcohol), Bath (Soap)
Andrews, Julie
My Favorite Things, Adam (Metathesis Reactions)
Anhydrite, Vitruvius (Lime)
Aniline, Perkin (Aniline Dyes)
Anion, Adam (Metathesis Reactions)
Annealing, Theophilus (Glass)
Anode, Volta (Batteries)
Aragonite, Vitruvius (Lime)
Arlington Company, DuPont (Plastics)
Aromatic compounds, Perkin (Aniline Dyes)
Aspdin, Joseph, Vitruvius (Lime)
Aspirin, Bayer (Pharmaceuticals)
Atlas Powder Company, DuPont (Plastics)
Atomic weight, al-Razi (Stoichiometry)
Azeotrope, Adelard (Alcohol)
Bacteria, Job (Alkali), Marie (Dyes), Adelard (Alcohol), Spot and Roebuck (Acid)
Badische Anilin und Soda Fabrik, Badische (Fertilizers)
Baekeland, Leo, DuPont (Plastics)
Bakelite, DuPont (Plastics)
Balance, Measuring and Mixing
centigram, Measuring and Mixing
gram, Measuring and Mixing
Barilla, Leblanc (Soda)
Barth, Bergrat, Spot and Roebuck (Acid)
Base, Job (Alkali), Job (Alkali), Adelard (Alcohol), Spot and Roebuck (Acid), Glossary
Bassanite, Vitruvius (Lime)
Battery, Volta (Batteries)
alkaline, Volta (Batteries)
lead-acid, Dow (Electrochemicals)
Leclanché, Volta (Batteries)
parallel, Volta (Batteries)
series, Volta (Batteries)
Bayer Company, Bayer (Pharmaceuticals)
Beddoes, Thomas, Dow (Electrochemicals)
Bejeezus, Athanor (Ceramics), Vulcan (Metals), Vitruvius (Lime), Adelard (Alcohol), Perkin (Aniline Dyes), Solvay (Ammonia), Glossary
Benzene, Perkin (Aniline Dyes)
Bevan, Edward, DuPont (Plastics)
Beverly Hillbillies, Prologue, Badische (Fertilizers)
Binder, Marie (Dyes)
Black ash, Leblanc (Soda)
Borax, Theophilus (Glass)
Bosch, Carl, Badische (Fertilizers)
Bots, feline, Inspirations
Boyd, Doug, Inspirations
Brass, Vulcan (Metals)
Bronze, Vulcan (Metals)
Brooke, Walter
The Graduate, DuPont (Plastics)
Browning, Robert
Song, From Pippa Passes, Leblanc (Soda)
Burner, Lucifer (Charcoal), Spot and Roebuck (Acid), Badische (Fertilizers)
Calcination, Athanor (Ceramics), Glossary
Calcite, Vitruvius (Lime)
Calcium cyanamide, Badische (Fertilizers)
California Powder Company, DuPont (Plastics)
Camera obscura, Eastman (Photography)
Carbon dioxide, Spot and Roebuck (Acid), Solvay (Ammonia)
Caro, Nikodem, Badische (Fertilizers)
Carothers, Wallace, DuPont (Plastics)
Carpenter, Richard and Karen
We've Only Just Begun, Spot and Roebuck (Acid)
CAS, Hammurabi (Units)
Castaway, Epilogue
Castner, Hamilton, Dow (Electrochemicals)
Catalyst, Spot and Roebuck (Acid), Badische (Fertilizers), Glossary
Cathode, Volta (Batteries)
Cation, Adam (Metathesis Reactions)
Celanese Corporation, DuPont (Plastics)
Celluloid, DuPont (Plastics)
Cellulose, Lucifer (Charcoal), Venus (Textiles), Ts'ai Lun (Paper)
Cellulose acetate, DuPont (Plastics)
Charcoal, Tzu-Chhun (Gunpowder), Spot and Roebuck (Acid), Perkin (Aniline Dyes)
Chlorine, Dow (Electrochemicals)
Chromatography, Lucifer (Charcoal), Perkin (Aniline Dyes)
body, Athanor (Ceramics)
mineral, Athanor (Ceramics)
Clothing, Venus (Textiles)
Coke, Perkin (Aniline Dyes)
Collodion, Eastman (Photography), Badische (Fertilizers)
Colorfast dye, Marie (Dyes)
Combustion, Lucifer (Charcoal), Glossary
Compound, Lucifer (Charcoal), Glossary
Condensation, Venus (Textiles), Adelard (Alcohol), Bath (Soap), Bayer (Pharmaceuticals), DuPont (Plastics), Glossary
Condenser, Adelard (Alcohol)
Conjugate acid, Spot and Roebuck (Acid)
Conjugate base, Spot and Roebuck (Acid)
Conservation of Mass, Adam (Metathesis Reactions), al-Razi (Stoichiometry), Glossary
Copper, Vulcan (Metals)
Couche, Ts'ai Lun (Paper)
Coulomb, Charles, Volta (Batteries)
Cross, Charles, DuPont (Plastics)
Crystal, Unktomi (Silicates), Job (Alkali)
Current, electric, Volta (Batteries)
Dacron, DuPont (Plastics)
Daguerre, Louis Jacques, Eastman (Photography)
Davidson, Bill, Inspirations
Davy, Humphry, Dow (Electrochemicals), Bayer (Pharmaceuticals)
Deckle, Ts'ai Lun (Paper)
Devitrification, Theophilus (Glass)
Dickens, Charles, Leblanc (Soda)
Dissolution, Glossary
Distillation, Lucifer (Charcoal), Glossary
destructive, Perkin (Aniline Dyes), Perkin (Aniline Dyes)
Dogs, tail-sniffing, Adelard (Alcohol)
Dolomite, Vitruvius (Lime)
Dow, Herbert, Dow (Electrochemicals)
Drafting, Venus (Textiles)
Dreyfus, Henri and Camille, DuPont (Plastics)
Drop spindle, Venus (Textiles)
Du Pont de Nemours Powder Company, DuPont (Plastics)
Du Pont, Irenee, Tzu-Chhun (Gunpowder), DuPont (Plastics)
Duhamel, Henri Louis, Leblanc (Soda)
Duisberg, Carl, Bayer (Pharmaceuticals)
Dunn, James R., Inspirations
Dunn, Peggy, solar properties of, Inspirations
Dye, Marie (Dyes)
Dynamite, Badische (Fertilizers)
Earth, Lucifer (Charcoal), Unktomi (Silicates)
alchemical, Glossary
Eastman Kodak, Bayer (Pharmaceuticals)
Eastman, George, Eastman (Photography), DuPont (Plastics)
Edison, Thomas, DuPont (Plastics)
Electrolysis, Dow (Electrochemicals)
Electrolyte, Adam (Metathesis Reactions), Volta (Batteries), Dow (Electrochemicals), Glossary
Electromotive Force (EMF), Volta (Batteries)
Element, Lucifer (Charcoal), Glossary
Emerald Tablet, Prologue, Hammurabi (Units), Vitruvius (Lime), Adelard (Alcohol), Tzu-Chhun (Gunpowder), Spot and Roebuck (Acid), Perkin (Aniline Dyes), Solvay (Ammonia)
Equation, Lucifer (Charcoal), Adam (Metathesis Reactions), Glossary
Erasmus, Desiderius, Badische (Fertilizers)
Ester, Bath (Soap), Bayer (Pharmaceuticals), DuPont (Plastics)
Ethanol, Samson (Mead)
Experiment, Glossary
Experimental yield, al-Razi (Stoichiometry)
Faraday, Michael, Volta (Batteries), Perkin (Aniline Dyes), Dow (Electrochemicals), Bayer (Pharmaceuticals), DuPont (Plastics)
Farbenfabriken vormals Friedrich Bayer, Bayer (Pharmaceuticals)
Fat, Bath (Soap)
Fecundity, Hammurabi (Units)
Fermentation, Glossary
aerobic, Samson (Mead)
anaerobic, Samson (Mead)
Fermenter, Samson (Mead)
Fidelity, Hammurabi (Units)
Figment, Hammurabi (Units), Tzu-Chhun (Gunpowder), Bath (Soap), Eastman (Photography), Bayer (Pharmaceuticals), Badische (Fertilizers), DuPont (Plastics), Epilogue
Fire, Lucifer (Charcoal), Lucifer (Charcoal)
alchemical, Glossary
Flux, Vulcan (Metals), Vulcan (Metals), Theophilus (Glass)
Ford Motor Company, DuPont (Plastics)
Formula, Lucifer (Charcoal), Adam (Metathesis Reactions), Glossary
empirical, Athanor (Ceramics), Venus (Textiles)
molecular, Venus (Textiles)
oxide, Athanor (Ceramics)
structural, Perkin (Aniline Dyes)
Formula weight, al-Razi (Stoichiometry)
Frank, Adolph, Badische (Fertilizers)
Franklin, Benjamin, Volta (Batteries)
Frit, Theophilus (Glass)
Fugitive dye, Marie (Dyes)
Furnace, Lucifer (Charcoal), Vitruvius (Lime), Adelard (Alcohol), Leblanc (Soda), Solvay (Ammonia), Badische (Fertilizers)
Galvani, Luigi, Volta (Batteries)
General Motors, DuPont (Plastics)
Glass, Leblanc (Soda)
Glauber, Rudolf, Spot and Roebuck (Acid), Leblanc (Soda), Leblanc (Soda)
Glossary, Lucifer (Charcoal), Unktomi (Silicates), Hammurabi (Units), Samson (Mead), Athanor (Ceramics), Venus (Textiles), Adam (Metathesis Reactions), Job (Alkali), Vulcan (Metals), Vitruvius (Lime), Pliny (Redox Reactions), Marie (Dyes), Theophilus (Glass), Ts'ai Lun (Paper), al-Razi (Stoichiometry), Adelard (Alcohol), Tzu-Chhun (Gunpowder), Spot and Roebuck (Acid), Bath (Soap), Leblanc (Soda), Volta (Batteries), Perkin (Aniline Dyes), Eastman (Photography), Solvay (Ammonia), Dow (Electrochemicals), Bayer (Pharmaceuticals), Badische (Fertilizers), DuPont (Plastics), Glossary
Glycerol, Bath (Soap)
Goeckerman, Brian, Inspirations
Goffin, Gerry
Who Put the Bomp, Hammurabi (Units)
Gold, Vulcan (Metals)
Greene, Donald, Inspirations
Guffee, Eddie, Inspirations
Gypsum, Vitruvius (Lime), Vitruvius (Lime)
Haber, Fritz, Badische (Fertilizers)
Half-reaction, Pliny (Redox Reactions)
Halite, Leblanc (Soda)
Hall, Charles Martin, Dow (Electrochemicals)
Hammerstein, Oscar
My Favorite Things, Adam (Metathesis Reactions)
Harrison Brothers, DuPont (Plastics)
Hatcher, Margaret, Inspirations
He/his, Lucifer (Charcoal), Adam (Metathesis Reactions), Adelard (Alcohol), Adelard (Alcohol), Spot and Roebuck (Acid), Leblanc (Soda), Volta (Batteries), Eastman (Photography), Badische (Fertilizers)
Heat, Athanor (Ceramics)
Henry, Buck
The Graduate, DuPont (Plastics)
Hercules Powder Company, DuPont (Plastics)
Heroult, Paul, Dow (Electrochemicals)
Herschel, John, Eastman (Photography)
Heterogeneous matter, Lucifer (Charcoal), Samson (Mead), Glossary
Hofmann, Wilhelm, Perkin (Aniline Dyes)
Homogeneous matter, Lucifer (Charcoal), Samson (Mead), Glossary
Hyatt, John, DuPont (Plastics)
Hydraulic cement, Vitruvius (Lime)
Hydrogen, Badische (Fertilizers)
Index, Lucifer (Charcoal), Unktomi (Silicates), Hammurabi (Units), Samson (Mead), Athanor (Ceramics), Venus (Textiles), Adam (Metathesis Reactions), Job (Alkali), Vulcan (Metals), Vitruvius (Lime), Pliny (Redox Reactions), Marie (Dyes), Theophilus (Glass), Ts'ai Lun (Paper), al-Razi (Stoichiometry), Adelard (Alcohol), Tzu-Chhun (Gunpowder), Spot and Roebuck (Acid), Bath (Soap), Leblanc (Soda), Volta (Batteries), Perkin (Aniline Dyes), Eastman (Photography), Solvay (Ammonia), Dow (Electrochemicals), Bayer (Pharmaceuticals), Badische (Fertilizers), DuPont (Plastics)
Indigo, Spot and Roebuck (Acid)
Indigo carmine, Spot and Roebuck (Acid)
Indigotin, Marie (Dyes)
Inorganic compound, Adam (Metathesis Reactions), Glossary
Investment, Theophilus (Glass)
Ionic substance
See Substance, ionic
Ionization, Adam (Metathesis Reactions)
Iron, Vulcan (Metals)
Isn't It Grand, Boys?, Pliny (Redox Reactions)
Isomer, Perkin (Aniline Dyes), DuPont (Plastics)
Jaques, Cory, Inspirations
John, Elton
Candle in the Wind, DuPont (Plastics)
Jordan, Louis
Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens, Epilogue
Kaye, Gorden
'Allo 'Allo!, Prologue
Kellner, Karl, Dow (Electrochemicals)
Kelp, Leblanc (Soda)
Kolbe, Hermann, Bayer (Pharmaceuticals)
Lavigne, Avril
Complicated, al-Razi (Stoichiometry)
Lavoisier, Antoine, Lucifer (Charcoal), Tzu-Chhun (Gunpowder), Dow (Electrochemicals), DuPont (Plastics)
LD50, Adam (Metathesis Reactions)
Lead, Vulcan (Metals)
Leblanc, Nicolas, Leblanc (Soda)
Lebon, Phillipe, Perkin (Aniline Dyes)
Led Zeppelin
Stairway to Heaven, Perkin (Aniline Dyes)
Leone, Sergio
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, Badische (Fertilizers)
Lightfoot, Gordon
If You Could Read My Mind, Prologue
Lignin, Ts'ai Lun (Paper)
Lime, Vitruvius (Lime), Theophilus (Glass), Ts'ai Lun (Paper), Spot and Roebuck (Acid), Bath (Soap), Leblanc (Soda)
quick, Vitruvius (Lime)
slaked, Vitruvius (Lime), Ts'ai Lun (Paper), al-Razi (Stoichiometry)
Limestone, Vitruvius (Lime), Vitruvius (Lime)
Limiting reagent, al-Razi (Stoichiometry), Solvay (Ammonia)
Lincoln, Abraham
Gettysburg Address, Solvay (Ammonia)
Lister, Joseph, Bayer (Pharmaceuticals)
Liston, Robert, Bayer (Pharmaceuticals)
Litharge, Theophilus (Glass)
Lixiviation, Leblanc (Soda), Glossary
Lixiviator, Job (Alkali), Leblanc (Soda)
Logan, Horace, Epilogue
Longevity, Hammurabi (Units)
Lye, al-Razi (Stoichiometry), Bath (Soap)
Maceration, Ts'ai Lun (Paper)
Mann, Barry
Who Put the Bomp, Hammurabi (Units)
Manure, Spot and Roebuck (Acid)
Martin, Steve
The Jerk, Ts'ai Lun (Paper)
McBride, Jeff, Inspirations
McLean, Don
Vincent, DuPont (Plastics)
Mead, Samson (Mead)
Mellville, Herman
Moby Dick, Lucifer (Charcoal)
Meme, Hammurabi (Units), Glossary
Mercury, Lucifer (Charcoal), Vulcan (Metals), Adelard (Alcohol), Tzu-Chhun (Gunpowder), Dow (Electrochemicals)
alchemical, Glossary
Metathesis, Glossary
Miller, Bruce, Inspirations
Mineral, Unktomi (Silicates)
Mixture, Samson (Mead)
Mold, Ts'ai Lun (Paper)
Mole, Adam (Metathesis Reactions)
Molecular model, Perkin (Aniline Dyes)
Molecular weight, al-Razi (Stoichiometry)
Monomer, Venus (Textiles)
Mordant, Marie (Dyes)
Morse, Samuel, Volta (Batteries)
Mortimer, John, Epilogue
MSDS, Hammurabi (Units)
Mueller, Paul, Inspirations
Murdock, William, Perkin (Aniline Dyes)
Murrah Federal Building, Badische (Fertilizers)
Napoleon, Leblanc (Soda)
Napoleon III, Eastman (Photography), Dow (Electrochemicals)
Napoleon XIV
They're Coming to Take Me Away, Badische (Fertilizers)
Natron, Leblanc (Soda)
Negative, photographic, Eastman (Photography)
Neoprene, DuPont (Plastics)
NFPA Diamond, al-Razi (Stoichiometry)
Nieuwland, Julius, DuPont (Plastics)
Nitrocellulose, Badische (Fertilizers), Badische (Fertilizers), DuPont (Plastics)
Nitrogen, Lucifer (Charcoal), Badische (Fertilizers)
Nitroglycerin, Badische (Fertilizers), Badische (Fertilizers)
Nobel, Alfred, Badische (Fertilizers), DuPont (Plastics)
Non-polar substance
See Substance, non-polar
Nose, chemist's virtual, Leblanc (Soda)
Nu, Alain, Inspirations
Nylon, DuPont (Plastics)
Oersted, Hans Christian, Volta (Batteries), Dow (Electrochemicals)
Ohm, Georg, Volta (Batteries)
Oil, Bath (Soap)
Ore, Vulcan (Metals)
Organic compound, Adam (Metathesis Reactions), Adelard (Alcohol), Glossary
Orleans, Duke of, Leblanc (Soda)
Ostwald, Wilhelm, Badische (Fertilizers)
Oxidation, Athanor (Ceramics), Pliny (Redox Reactions), Tzu-Chhun (Gunpowder), Glossary
Oxygen, Lucifer (Charcoal), Badische (Fertilizers)
Palahniuk, Chuck
Fight Club, Bath (Soap)
Paper, Ts'ai Lun (Paper), Leblanc (Soda)
Paper Lace
The Night Chicago Died, Epilogue
Papyrus, Ts'ai Lun (Paper)
Parchment, Ts'ai Lun (Paper)
Parkes, Alexander, DuPont (Plastics)
Part, Hammurabi (Units), Vitruvius (Lime), Theophilus (Glass), al-Razi (Stoichiometry), Spot and Roebuck (Acid)
Perkin, William, Perkin (Aniline Dyes), Bayer (Pharmaceuticals)
Pewter, Vulcan (Metals)
pH, Job (Alkali), Glossary
Phenol, Bayer (Pharmaceuticals)
Pigment, Marie (Dyes)
Pink Floyd
Another Brick in the Wall, Vitruvius (Lime)
Pitt, Brad
Fight Club, Bath (Soap), Bath (Soap)
Plaster, Vitruvius (Lime), Vitruvius (Lime)
Ply, Venus (Textiles)
annealing, Theophilus (Glass)
softening, Theophilus (Glass)
strain, Theophilus (Glass)
working, Theophilus (Glass)
Poise, Theophilus (Glass)
Polar substance
See Substance, polar
Polymer, Venus (Textiles)
Post, Ts'ai Lun (Paper)
Potash, Job (Alkali), Vulcan (Metals), Theophilus (Glass), Ts'ai Lun (Paper), Ts'ai Lun (Paper), Spot and Roebuck (Acid), Bath (Soap), Leblanc (Soda)
caustic, Bath (Soap)
Potassa, Theophilus (Glass)
Potassium, Dow (Electrochemicals)
Precipitation, Adam (Metathesis Reactions), Glossary
Prevo, Mary, Inspirations
Prine, John
You Got Gold, Adam (Metathesis Reactions)
Problematic unit, Hammurabi (Units), al-Razi (Stoichiometry)
Pulp, Ts'ai Lun (Paper)
chemical, Ts'ai Lun (Paper)
mechanical, Ts'ai Lun (Paper)
Rayon, DuPont (Plastics)
acid-base, Adam (Metathesis Reactions), Adelard (Alcohol)
hydrolysis, Ts'ai Lun (Paper), Bath (Soap)
metathesis, Adam (Metathesis Reactions)
absorber, Spot and Roebuck (Acid)
burner, Lucifer (Charcoal)
fermenter, Samson (Mead)
furnace, Lucifer (Charcoal)
lixiviator, Job (Alkali), Leblanc (Soda)
slaker, Vitruvius (Lime)
still, Adelard (Alcohol)
Recrystallization, Lucifer (Charcoal), Job (Alkali), Glossary
Reduction, Athanor (Ceramics), Vulcan (Metals), Pliny (Redox Reactions), Tzu-Chhun (Gunpowder), Glossary
Refractory, Athanor (Ceramics)
Rock, Unktomi (Silicates)
igneous, Unktomi (Silicates)
metamorphic, Unktomi (Silicates)
sedimentary, Unktomi (Silicates), Vitruvius (Lime)
Roebuck, John, Spot and Roebuck (Acid)
Rogers, Richard
My Favorite Things, Adam (Metathesis Reactions)
Runge, Friedlieb, Perkin (Aniline Dyes)
Russell, Bobby
The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia, Epilogue
Salt, Adam (Metathesis Reactions), Adelard (Alcohol), Tzu-Chhun (Gunpowder), Spot and Roebuck (Acid)
alchemical, Glossary
Glauber's, Spot and Roebuck (Acid), Leblanc (Soda)
sea, Leblanc (Soda)
Saltpeter, Tzu-Chhun (Gunpowder), Spot and Roebuck (Acid), Badische (Fertilizers)
Chile, Badische (Fertilizers)
Saltwort, Leblanc (Soda)
Sanford and Son, Epilogue
Saponification, Bath (Soap)
Saxony blue, Spot and Roebuck (Acid)
Schonbein, Christian, Badische (Fertilizers), DuPont (Plastics)
Separation, Glossary
She/her, Lucifer (Charcoal), Hammurabi (Units), Hammurabi (Units), Adam (Metathesis Reactions), Adam (Metathesis Reactions), Pliny (Redox Reactions), Adelard (Alcohol), Tzu-Chhun (Gunpowder), Tzu-Chhun (Gunpowder), Perkin (Aniline Dyes), Badische (Fertilizers)
Silica, Unktomi (Silicates), Athanor (Ceramics)
Silver, Vulcan (Metals)
Simon, Paul
Bridge Over Troubled Waters, Volta (Batteries)
Kodachrome, Eastman (Photography)
Sound of Silence, DuPont (Plastics)
Sizing, Eastman (Photography)
Skeen, Aaron, Inspirations
Slaker, Vitruvius (Lime), Solvay (Ammonia)
Smelting, Vulcan (Metals)
SmithKline Beecham, Bayer (Pharmaceuticals)
Soap, Leblanc (Soda)
Sobrero, Ascanio, Badische (Fertilizers)
Soda, Theophilus (Glass), Ts'ai Lun (Paper), Spot and Roebuck (Acid), Solvay (Ammonia)
ash, Job (Alkali), Vulcan (Metals), Theophilus (Glass), Ts'ai Lun (Paper), al-Razi (Stoichiometry), Bath (Soap), Leblanc (Soda)
caustic, Ts'ai Lun (Paper), al-Razi (Stoichiometry), Spot and Roebuck (Acid), Bath (Soap), Leblanc (Soda), Dow (Electrochemicals)
washing, al-Razi (Stoichiometry), Volta (Batteries)
Sodium, Dow (Electrochemicals)
Sodium bicarbonate, Solvay (Ammonia)
Sodium carbonate, Solvay (Ammonia)
Sodium chloride, Solvay (Ammonia)
Sodium hyposulfite, Eastman (Photography)
Sodium thiosulfate, Eastman (Photography)
Solder, Vulcan (Metals)
Solubility, Adam (Metathesis Reactions)
Solute, Samson (Mead), Adam (Metathesis Reactions), Theophilus (Glass), Adelard (Alcohol), Glossary
Solution, Lucifer (Charcoal), Samson (Mead), Glossary
Solvay, Ernest, Solvay (Ammonia)
Solvent, Samson (Mead), Adam (Metathesis Reactions), Theophilus (Glass), Adelard (Alcohol), Glossary
Spider, Itsy-Bitsy, Unktomi (Silicates)
Spinning, Venus (Textiles)
Spirit lamp, Adelard (Alcohol), Adelard (Alcohol), Spot and Roebuck (Acid), Leblanc (Soda), Solvay (Ammonia)
Sterling Products, Bayer (Pharmaceuticals)
Steve Miller Band
Fly Like an Eagle, Epilogue
Still, Adelard (Alcohol), Solvay (Ammonia)
Stoichiometric coefficient, Adam (Metathesis Reactions), Pliny (Redox Reactions), al-Razi (Stoichiometry), Glossary
Stoichiometric question, al-Razi (Stoichiometry), Tzu-Chhun (Gunpowder), Tzu-Chhun (Gunpowder), Bath (Soap), Leblanc (Soda), Glossary
String, Venus (Textiles)
Sublimation, Glossary
Substance, Lucifer (Charcoal), Glossary
ionic, Adelard (Alcohol), Bath (Soap)
non-polar, Adelard (Alcohol), Bath (Soap)
polar, Adelard (Alcohol), Bath (Soap)
Sucrose, Tzu-Chhun (Gunpowder)
Sugar, Samson (Mead)
Sulfur, Tzu-Chhun (Gunpowder), Tzu-Chhun (Gunpowder), Spot and Roebuck (Acid)
alchemical, Glossary
Sulfur dioxide, Spot and Roebuck (Acid)
Sulfur trioxide, Spot and Roebuck (Acid)
Swan, Joseph, DuPont (Plastics)
Talbot, Fox, Eastman (Photography)
Temperature, Athanor (Ceramics)
Theoretical yield, al-Razi (Stoichiometry), Leblanc (Soda), Solvay (Ammonia)
Theory, Samson (Mead), Glossary
Thomas, Larry
Seinfeld's Soup Nazi, Bath (Soap)
Tin, Vulcan (Metals)
Toluene, Perkin (Aniline Dyes)
Toluidine, Perkin (Aniline Dyes)
Tongue, chemist's virtual, Job (Alkali), Spot and Roebuck (Acid)
acute, Adam (Metathesis Reactions)
chronic, Pliny (Redox Reactions)
Tri-glyceride, Bath (Soap)
Trinitrotoluene, Badische (Fertilizers)
Trona, Leblanc (Soda)
Twine, Venus (Textiles)
Twist, s and z, Venus (Textiles)
Uhls, Jim
Fight Club, Bath (Soap)
Union Carbide, Badische (Fertilizers)
Unit, Hammurabi (Units)
Unit factor, Hammurabi (Units)
Unit Factor Analysis (UFA), Hammurabi (Units)
Unverdorben, Otto, Perkin (Aniline Dyes)
Urine, Spot and Roebuck (Acid)
Vellum, Ts'ai Lun (Paper)
Venus de Lespugue, Venus (Textiles)
Vincenzoni, Luciano, Badische (Fertilizers)
Vinegar, Samson (Mead), Adelard (Alcohol)
Viscosity, Theophilus (Glass)
Vitrification, Athanor (Ceramics)
Vitriol, Spot and Roebuck (Acid)
Volatile, Adelard (Alcohol)
Volt, Volta (Batteries)
Volta, Allesandro, Volta (Batteries)
Voltaic cell, Volta (Batteries)
von Liebig, Justus, Bayer (Pharmaceuticals)
Ward, Joshua Spot, Spot and Roebuck (Acid)
Water, Lucifer (Charcoal), Badische (Fertilizers)
alchemical, Glossary
Weighing by difference, Vitruvius (Lime), Theophilus (Glass), Tzu-Chhun (Gunpowder), Measuring and Mixing
Weiss, William, Bayer (Pharmaceuticals)
Weston, Edward, DuPont (Plastics)
Whorl, Venus (Textiles)
Willingham, Calder
The Graduate, DuPont (Plastics)
Wilson, Richard
One Foot in the Grave, Hammurabi (Units)
Wood, Lucifer (Charcoal)
Yeasts, Samson (Mead)
Zevon, Warren
The Indifference of Heaven, Epilogue